ATOM 2.0

What happens to the Cosmos network after the revamp?

Highlights of the Event

  • Co-founder of Cosmos, Ethan Buchman mentioned the three phases of Cosmos and what the Ecosystem has in store for future. The network is phased into three stages — the initiation, the integration, and the illumination stages. Of these, currently, it is in the integration phase wherein more developer communities have been included through the conception and development of Tendermint. The focus is on bringing in more collaboration by implementing collaborative finance, which will pave the way for sustainable political economies in the near future.
  • Co-founder of Osmosis, Sunny Aggrawal talked about mesh security and building mesh networks in the Cosmos ecosystem. He threw light on the Interchain security V3 proposing the idea that Osmosis could have its own validators and offer security to the Cosmos Hub.
  • Co-founder of Sommelier, Zaki Manian spoke on the bullishness of ATOM, Cosmos’s native token, and highlighted the three segments of the ATOM economic model — the adoption of liquid staking, the allocation model, and diverting MEV into ATOM.
  • Co-founder of Agoric_, Dean Tribble, spoke about the importance of web3 development and how developers can contribute effectively to the web3 ecosystem.
  • Portfolio Manager at Ruta N_, Carlos Jaramillo presented an impressive vision of developing a software valley, a smart city that would make data-driven decisions using technologies like AI, ML, Big Data, IoT, developing digital highways, bringing nations together to combat the economic crisis and more. Ruta N_ is focused on improving the quality of life in Medellin through science, technology, and innovation.
  • Director of Blockchain Education at Platzi, Angela Ocando, and Country Manager of Colombia_Bitso, also highlighted the significance of the evolving Web3.

The Cosmos Hub

Interchain Security

As a part of the Hub’s value proposition, the Cosmos 2.0 whitepaper highlights interchain security as a new Cosmos feature.

Value-addition to ATOM

Cosmos token Airdrops

A primary reason for the growing popularity of ATOM is that when new zones launch, they often airdrop tokens into the addresses of those staking the main token $ATOM. This is to increase liquidity and interest. The people whose wallet addresses are that ATOM stakers are essentially power users for the new zones that are getting started in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Price of ATOM

The price of ATOM, the native token of Cosmos, has been fluctuating and declining in the last few months. This is because of the bear market in the second half of 2022 and also that most investors believe that though Cosmos network is awesome, however, there isn’t much utility of ATOM as such.

Final thoughts

Cosmos network as an ecosystem will witness a transformation once the changes discussed in the Whitepaper are implemented. The role and significance of the Hub would magnify, and other interconnected chains would be benefited through the interchain security model. With regard to ATOM, it is expected to grow tremendously in price due to these robust features. However, how the price fluctuates is for the future to speak.



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Secure and Non-Custodial Staking.Join the staking ecosystem today with Active Nodes