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7 min readOct 28, 2022


Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The Passage platform is a blockchain-based virtual world creator. You can create your own virtual world, join one of many worlds on the platform, sell 3D art through the Passage Worldbuilder tool, and much more.

In this post, we’ll rate and review all the important areas of the platform, including the following:

  • Passage Marketplace
  • Staking Vault
  • DAO
  • Worldbuilder Tool
  • Tokenomics

After reading our review, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether this platform is worth using for fulfilling your requirements of a virtual world creator. So without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

The Passage Marketplace

The users can purchase, sell, mint, and view the in-game assets in the Marketplace. Let’s review all the features of the Passage Marketplace.


There are two types of Marketplace fees. Let’s see how Passage Marketplace is doing in both areas.

  • Transaction Fee: Passage Marketplace charges a reasonable fee of 3% for all transactions. In the future, it’ll support the $YAWP token which will offer a smaller transaction fee. However, the $YAWP token will only be used for purchasing the Strange Clan NFTs.
  • Minting Fee: The users can mint the NFTs for free.


NFT creators have the option to add a royalty fee when they are minting an NFT. They can set a royalty fee of up to a whopping 10%, which means they can make good passive earnings through royalties.

Tokens and Blockchain

The Passage Marketplace doesn’t support multiple blockchain networks. However, the one it does support (Juno blockchain) is a great blockchain so the Marketplace is doing fine in this area.

As for tokens, it currently supports two tokens. The $PASG token and ATOM (the native token of the Cosmos Ecosystem). In the future, the Marketplace will support the $YAWP token, and probably some more tokens as well. While the platform doesn’t support tons of tokens, it’s still doing alright in this area.

The Total Number of NFTs Available

There are currently 10,000 NFTs on the Passage Marketplace. The numbers are already impressive, but even more NFTs will be available in the future.


The Marketplace has an amazing and simple design. There is a different category for all types of items which makes it super easy to navigate the item you want to find.


For the safety of the platform, the Passage team has created a vetting system. The user submits a proposal and the Passage team checks for negative signs. If a proposal shows even a single sign of maliciousness, it’ll be rejected.

While the marketplace is extremely secure, the transaction speed can improve. This isn’t to say that the Passage team isn’t efficient, instead the issue is that human beings can’t be as fast as machines.

However, this won’t be an issue for long. The Passage team plans to launch an automated vetting system soon.


Fee: 1/1

Royalties: 1/1

Tokens & Blockchains: 0.6/1

Total NFTs: 1/1

Design: 1/1

Safety: 1/1

Overall Rating: 4.8

The marketplace got 0.3/0.5 in Tokens & Blockchain because it only supports one blockchain.

Staking Vault

Stakers are the most important members of the Passage platform. They provide the liquidity that is essential for the functioning of the platform. Let’s look at whether it’s worth it for the stakers to stake their coins in the Passage vault.

  • A short lockup time of 21 days. In case the users want to sell their tokens, they won’t have to wait for long.
  • A huge discount on the transaction fee. They will only have to pay 0.4%-1.2%.
  • Massive staking rewards. They will earn 50% APR, however, if 80% of the APR is staked then the staking rewards will go up to 63%.
  • APR will decrease by 35% every year, till the 5th year after The Genesis Event (TGE).
  • Discount on Streaming Passage worlds.
  • A chance to receive $PASG as airdrops a year after TGE
  • They will get exclusive membership to Discord & content portal for behind-the-scenes, comic series, and animations from the Strange Clan world.
  • They will get access to the Travelers Guild — where they will find exclusive content for their virtual world.


The Passage Staking Vault gets a perfect 5-star rating.

Passage DAO

The Passage team plans to introduce the Passage DAO in the later phases of the Passage development. The DAO members will have a say in modifying the main features of the platform:

  • The number of Funds for the Foundry
  • The number of tokens burned per transaction
  • The transaction fee and much more

Furthermore, they’ll have a say in adding and removing features. Overall, they’ll get influence over all the major decisions of the platform.


The Passage platform gives ultimate control to its DAO members, so the DAO gets a perfect 5/5.

Worldbuilder Tool

Let’s review all the different aspects of the Worldbuilder tool.


The Passage worlds are created with one of the best 3D creator software in the world. Unreal Engine 5. The graphics are of the highest quality you’ll ever see, the motions are incredibly close to real-world movements, and the sounds are spatialized. The Passage Worldbuilder is acing in this area.


The Passage worlds are super easy to access. You don’t need to download software or use a special device. You just have to open the browser, and then go to and create your own world. It’s that simple.


Unlike other virtual world creators, the Passage worldbuilder isn’t just used for creating games. You can hold a virtual conference, create a music concert, an office, or just a virtual hangout spot to chill out with your buddies.

Game Categories

The Passage Worldbuilder allows users to create various types of games. Whether you want to create combat games, story games, puzzle games, or some other type of game, the chances are you’ll be able to create it using the Worldbuilder.

In-Game Items Variety

The variety of in-world items is massive. The users can add houses, cars, snow, rain, roads, grass, fire, sea, mountains, guns, arrows, bows, smartphones, buildings, LEDs, suits, and thousands of other 3D objects in their world.


Unlike most virtual world platforms, the Passage platform supports cross-world collaboration. The users can use tools such as screen share and whiteboard tools to collaborate with users in another world.


Realistic World: 1/1

Accessibility: 1/1

Multiple Purposes: 1/1

Types of Games: 1/1

Variety of In-Game Items: 1/1

Cross-World Collaboration: 1/1

Overall Rating: A perfect 5-star!


A review is not completed without reviewing the tokenomics of the platform. Let’s look at the tokenomics of the Passage ecosystem.


The distribution of the $PASG token isn’t very unbalanced. The team members do get a decent portion of the pie, but it’s not too big. They can’t just cause inflation by selling their shares.

Supply and Token Burn

The supply of the $PASG token is limited. It’s a good thing because it makes the token scarce. The Passage ecosystem will implement the token-burning mechanism in 2023. When a token is burned, the supply of the token decreases. This helps increase the $PASG price because according to the rule of supply and demand, the lower the supply the higher the price.


The Passage platform has implemented a vesting system. It’s a positive sign because if the team members get their shares early when a huge percentage of supply remains locked, they can sell their shares for profits and cause inflation.

Even in case, inflation doesn’t occur, there is still a downside in giving the team members and advisors their tokens in the early phases. After selling their tokens, the team members and the advisors are likely to lose their motivation to grow the platform. Therefore, vesting ensures that the team members and advisors stay interested in the growth of the platform.


The goal of tokenomics is to provide users the incentives to stay on the platform for the long haul. The Passage platform nails this part.

  • The users can get big rewards through airdrops by engaging with the platform.
  • The liquidity pool allows them to lend their assets and rent assets.
  • They can earn big rewards by staking their coins in the Passage vault.
  • In the future, the Passage team will launch a DAO. The DAO members will be able to influence the protocols of the Passage platform and they will be able to control the funds as well.


The last but definitely not the least important area that we are going to talk about is the Passage team. The Passage team includes top-notch developers, marketers, etc, who have worked with some of the major corporations in the world. Amazon, American Girl, and Capitol Records are just some of their clients.

To make things even better, the Passage team is solely dedicated to the growth of their platform.


Distribution: 0.8/1

Supply: 1/1

Token Burn: 1/1

Vesting: 1/1

Incentives: 2/2

Team: 1/1

Overall Rating: 4.9

While the Passage platform has a good score in the Distribution area, the score isn’t perfect because the Distribution could have been a bit more even.

Overall Rating

The overall rating of the Passage platform is 4.9/5. The rating is extremely impressive, making this project one of the absolute best platforms for creating virtual worlds on the web today.



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