Umee: Cross The DeFi Waves

Cross Chain DeFi Hub for rates, staking, and interoperability.

What is Umee?

Background Of Umee

How does Umee solve problems in finance?

Technical Architecture

  • Built on the Cosmos SDK
  • Launched through the Starport network
  • Tendermint Consensus
  • Validator Proof-of-Stake
  • Relays between Gravity Bridge
  • Loan-to-value ratios are kept at healthy levels
  • Loans adhere to the sufficient over-collateralization threshold
  • Loans that are under the over-collateralization threshold are sent to the liquidation manager
  • Interest rates adjust as a result of changing the supply and demand of assets across the capital facility.

What are the DeFi network components used?

Implementation: Introduction

Platform Management


  • The user sends assets to Umee address
  • Assets are sent to the respective asset facility
  • Updates the status on both the networks
  • Oracle reads the asset price and updates the state to the Asset Facility Coordination Protocol
  • Assets are sent to Universal Capital Facility
  • Interest rate manager indexes are updated so that rates paid out to depositors are known
  • Equivalent collateral utokens are sent to the user
  • Assets are kept in the Universal Capital Facility until they are redeemed, liquidated, or lent out to the borrower
  • Users choose assets to borrow
  • Asset Facility Coordination protocol checks the utokens balance of the borrower to ensure adequate collateral
  • User deposits utokens into the collateral manager
  • Interest rate manager index updates to reflect the borrowed amount
  • The collateral manager checks the condition of the borrowing position
  • The user receives lent assets.

Final thoughts



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